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Marilyn Diamond says:
This beautiful book that contains the golden guidance of so many brilliant experts is the story of my life. In 1975, at the age of 31, I discovered the possibility of raw food and found a new person inside myself. I found glowing health, vitality, persistence, purity, and a deep connection to my spiritual nature that I never knew existed. Whether raw food becomes your life path or a method of healing that will not fail you, it is a life-enhancing, life-saving choice you must now know about and always be able to use. Believe these teachers when they tell you that raw food will heal you. Raw food will make you feel young no matter what your age. Raw food will show you how beautiful you truly are. Try what they recommend! You absolutely deserve to experience the fun and fantastic feeling that raw food brings into your life!"

Review by Marilyn Diamond, best selling co-author of Fit for Life

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I’m very happy with this book. I’ve already given away almost 10 copies to friends and acquaintances. The book gives an excellent overview of raw food: the what and why. It saves reading many (often fat) books by the various experts. They share their expertise on the importance of e.g. greens, enzymes, fats, water, vitamin B12 and superfoods. If you really want to, you can always go into their books. I find the articles easy to read. Even my parents can understand now! (If they want to ;)

Peter Hofstee, Holland

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What is Raw Food Works about

Raw Food Works has been created to address the confusion often experienced by health seekers beginning a raw foods diet. This 276 page book has been co-authored by the most accomplished leaders and authors in the raw food field, each contributing original and unique chapters which you won’t find in their other books or publications.

The authors have a combined experience, totaling many hundreds of years, of eating a raw food diet themselves and helping others to do the same. After the majority of the authors met at a series of round table meetings, they have distilled a set of timeless, coherent and unified principles about what can be considered a safe and complete approach to a raw and living foods diet.

This is a companion book to all the books you already have, and is for beginners as well as advanced raw food enthusiasts. It is recommended to start with this book before, or alongside, getting into the practical part of preparing delicious raw recipes. (It is not a recipe book!)

Who are the authors?

Compiled by editor and raw-food enthusiast Diana Store, Raw Food Works is a collection of insightful essays that arose from the principles agreed upon at the International Living Foods Summits, meetings of raw food leaders which took place between 2006 and 2009 at West Palm Beach, Florida, USA.

Including contributions from many of the Summit’s attendees as well as other experts in the field—most notably Gabriel Cousens MD; Victoria Boutenko; David Wolfe; Brian Clement, PhD; Viktoras Kulvinskas MS; Karen Knowler and Rev. George Malkmus—Raw Food Works explains exactly how and why a diet of RAW FOOD WORKS.

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